Swimming, 7th March 2022

Well, what a blinding session…

Four people in the fast lane including myself, some swimming a good deal slower than I was, but nobody happened to be in the way at any crucial point during my 50m set and I just kept putting in times below my target. Sixteen reps straight off the bat, that’ll do nicely, thank you. Very pleased indeed. I’m amazed that it took two months to complete the set when my interval was ten seconds longer, then a month when it was five seconds longer, and this one has taken me a week, basically. Perhaps that’s why I feel so tired 🙂

Even better, I also managed to completely my 25m set without any failures too. That usually feels impossible after a good 50m set, so I’m doubly happy this evening.

My next swim, on Wednesday, is going to be seriously tough though, with another five seconds coming off the 50m rest interval.

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