Swimming, 6th March 2022

I had a bit of a scrappy start to today’s session. It took me a few reps of my 50m set to get into the groove at which point I completely lost it again because someone told their child to swim in the fast lane when she really wasn’t anywhere near fast enough to be safe. I had to stop and point this out to her parent and suggest she move to the medium lane instead which disrupted my timing. However, from then on I managed all of my reps under the target time. I was quite impressed as my arms were feeling a bit tired before I even started, having spent a good few hours stuffing bits of tree through the chipper before going to swim.

Sadly it did mean my 25m reps were a bit of a mess. By that point I just couldn’t find the pace, not helped by failing to stop the stopwatch several times. I swam out the set, but it wasn’t great.

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