Swimming, 28th February 2022

Another quiet day in the fast lane after being busy for several weeks. Most of the time there were three of us, but for some of it only two.

I reduced my interval by five seconds and was expecting it to be a very tough 50m set, which actually it was, but despite feeling as though I might die at any moment once again I just didn’t seem to be able to swim slowly. I did have one rep over 43s in the first five, but I didn’t actually have to skip any until rep ten and that was the only one (and immediately after that I swam one of the fastest reps I’ve ever swum!)

As a result I was expecting the 25m reps to be really quite painful, but whilst they weren’t the fastest I’ve ever done I did still manage to complete the full set just before the end of the session.

Day off tomorrow. Then we’ll see what happens on Wednesday.

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