Swimming, 16th February 2022

I was late booking my place in the lane today, but when I did so, less than an hour before it started, there was only one other person booked. I was quite surprised when five people turned up 🙁 Given that the weather is fairly wild at the moment perhaps a few triathlon competitors are trying to get some swimming time in. It did make things a little tricky and initially I struggled to find a rhythm, but after four or five reps I got into the groove and things went pretty well from there. I did have a couple of “fail” reps, but I didn’t count them as in both cases I’d not been able to turn properly because of another swimmer at the wall.

The 25m reps were fairly tough afterwards and I did have one failure on rep 14, but that was the only one.

Thursdays are rarely busy, so with a bit of luck perhaps I’ll get a clear session then.

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