Swimming, 24th January 2022

Well, I wimped out yesterday as for some reason I was feeling very tired, but I couldn’t do that two days in a row. The pool was not at all warm today. I really hope they get the new boilers installed soon.

My 50m reps today were a big improvement on last Thursday — close to being back on my expected pace. In fact they might well have been had I not had a few where I had to avoid other swimmers. And I got through the entire set without dying, which is always a bonus.

And the 25m reps weren’t that bad, either. I did have to skip one and in fact missed the last because they were quite strict with the times today (there was a triathlon training session waiting and they needed to get more lane ropes into the pool). Otherwise I wasn’t unhappy. Hopefully when I next swim on Wednesday things will be back to normal.

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