Smoke #2

This morning I’ve smoked the second batch of cheese, or, at least, the Tesco own-brand cheese. The rest somehow “disappeared” from the fridge and is nowhere to be seen. It’s a mystery…

This time I used apple wood dust from Gwernyfed Wood. I don’t know much about them, but they had a selection of different woods available on that long river place which means I can try a few different ones out.

Getting the smoke generator lit was easier today than yesterday, but I can’t say whether that’s just me starting to get a better feel for it, or if the wood is perhaps drier than the beech I used yesterday. In three hours it burnt further around the generator than the beech, so perhaps the latter explanation might be favourite.

I had to rush out and protect the smoker from the rain halfway through, but nothing disastrous appears to have occurred as a result of a few drops getting onto the smoker and when I finally took the cheese out after three hours it looked pretty much the same as yesterday’s.

It’s now wrapped and in the fridge, and tomorrow I’ll vacuum pack it.

It’s tempting to try some sausages next — just plain pork or something else very simple. I’ll do a bit more reading first though.

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