At last we have garlic-sign!

I’ve been a little apprehensive about the garlic for next year. I saved four of my best bulbs from this year’s harvest to replant, and did so back in October. Despite the fairly mild weather however there’s been no sign of life whereas last year the bulbs I bought seemed to take off quite fast. I wonder if something to do with the way they’re handled makes that more likely?

Anyhow, today I was out trimming back some of the trees overhanging the compost heaps and veggie plot, occasionally having a little weed of the beds and whilst doing the latter noticed that a few of the garlic bulbs are now making their way out of the ground which is very reassuring.

I’ll have to check the ones in the polytunnel tomorrow. It needs a bit of a tidy up in there now anyhow, as many of the pepper plants have dropped their leaves.

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