No dig diary, 7th October 2021

This evening I have lifted all of our remaining carrots and stored them in boxes of slightly damp compost. I can’t claim it was the most pleasant experience. Who knew that slugs came in such a wide variety of colours? Perhaps for the first year ever my carrots have done pretty well this season. I wonder if that might be down to being sown into the compost spread on the bed rather than direct into the soil, or perhaps because they’ve had to compete with fewer weeds because of the compost. Germination was far better than I usually get, so next year I shall sow the seed more thinly.

I’m not sure I have a plate big enough for this one:

So I might have to eat this one instead:

I think that second one was from a packet of seed that I was given by my in-laws. I don’t recall buying any like that. They may have got it free with some magazine or other. All of them came out that shape, (though rarely anywhere near as big) and they were really easy to harvest now the ground has been softened by the rain, not even needing a fork to loosen the soil around them which is very positive from a “no dig” point of view. I still think that cylindrical carrots will be better for some things though, so whilst I probably will grow them again once I find out what the variety is, I’m not going to switch to them entirely.

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