No dig diary, 18th November 2021

Forgot to post this a couple of days ago…

As I’ve already written, I’ve been getting ahead on compost for next winter, filling one of the bins with shredded material from some tidying up of the garden. There’s no grass in this. It’s mostly hedge prunings. Certainly nothing I’d have been too keen to put in unless it went through the shredder first. Three days after I added the last material I put the compost thermometer in to find out how it was going. And it certainly was going!

I’m surprised yet pleased to see that the temperature can get so high without the need for stuff like grass.

We’ve still not pressed the apples (this coming weekend, hopefully) and the spent pomace will definitely be going in on top. After that I’ll be moving on to the next bin. This time last year I think we’d only just started filling this bin and I think it took until some time in May to completely fill it, so we’re way ahead there. I may need to make another compost bin though 🙂

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