Apple and pear slices again

When the apples and pears were done in the dehydrator I took a few slices for a test drive. The Ashmead’s Kernel tasted pretty much how you’d expect, I guess. The Bramley was clearly apple, but with an obvious sharpness that wasn’t so strong as to be unpleasant. The pear slices were absolutely lovely and surprisingly sweet. In fact they were so nice that this afternoon I completely refilled the dehydrator with pear slices alone. As I stripped the tree of its remaining fruit this morning (they were starting to drop off anyhow) I might well do a few more batches after that and still have plenty left over. It’s a nice variety of pear called Concorde, which is a cross of Conference and Doyenne du Comice if I recall correctly.

I did discover that pears need to be just a little on the firm side if they’re to go through the peeler. I had a few softer ones today and they were much more awkward to use.

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