Swimming, 29th July 2021

Another warm one 🙁

There was a bit of a strange group in the fast lane today, too. A couple of girls who weren’t even in their teens, another girl who might have been late teens, and someone I took to be her dad. The two younger girls weren’t slow, but did randomly change strokes which was awkward at times. The older girl wasn’t quick though, and her dad was even slower, and did breaststroke every other length.

Surprisingly my times for the session look much better than they have been since the pool got so warm. It was still insanely hard work though.

(50m) 42.12, 43.38, 43.39, 44.75, 43.49, 44.24, 44.18, 43.79, skip, 42.18, 42.43, 43.81, 43.40, 45.31, skip, 44.02, 45.12, skip, 42.68, 43.68

(25m) 18.79, 19.47, 19.12, 19.43, 19.13, 19.13, 19.15, no time

I know I should have stopped after the third skipped 50m rep, but given that I’m so far off where I should be anyhow I didn’t think there was much point. I’m really just trying to get through this until the pool is a reasonable temperature again.

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