No dig diary, 28th July 2021

It’s a veggie day today and we’re eating loads from the garden for dinner this evening, including the very last of the peas.

Also on the menu this evening is broccoli (calabrese). This is a vegetable that I need to get my head around a bit better. It very much seems to be “all or nothing”. I’ve made a few successional sowings, but I reckon the plants near each other must be communicating somehow 🙂 A quick count up last weekend gave us fourteen heads ready to eat and obviously they don’t hang around very long. I can’t complain as I’ve never grown so much good-looking broccoli before, but next year I think I’ll have to go a bit mad with the successional thing, perhaps sowing and planting out two or three plants every couple of weeks and even then investigating ways to use it so it won’t go to waste. I’ve just seen a recipe for broccoli and stilton soup that sounds quite appealing, so I might have to try that later this week.

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