Swimming, 26th July 2021

Still no progress with the pool. It’s as warm as it was last week 🙁

Times are predictably poor, and I really felt as though I was slogging my guts out to go that fast. Even after I finished swimming, I stood outside the building running with sweat. That doesn’t normally happen, and is quite unpleasant 🙁

My times were:

(50m) 45.40, 46.12, 47.06, 45.84, 46.28, 46.57, skip, 44.62, 45.05, 45.49, 45.12, 44.75, 45.49, 45.40, skip, 44.13, 45.78, 46.51, 46.51, 45.90

(25m) 20.24, 19.67, 19.52, 20.41, 20.05, 19.19, 19.35, 19.15, 19.69. 18.96, 19.15, 18.93

I have an unplanned break tomorrow. In fact this entire week is a bit messed up. There was supposed to be a lifeguard training course running this week, but it was cancelled. However, most of the afternoon lane-swimming sessions remain unavailable and there’s nothing on a Tuesday after 7:30am which is far too early for me, so I shall be doing Wednesday, Thursday and Friday instead. Perhaps the pool will be cooler by then. Hah!

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