No dig diary, 15th August 2021

It’s been a frustrating day here if you want to be outdoors. Every time I went outside it seemed to start raining 🙁

I did manage to get some sowing done though — lettuces, spinach and spring onions. I was out of compost, so a couple of days back I sieved some of the green waste compost that we had delivered this year through a 6mm-ish sieve. It has quite a different texture to the green waste compost from last year, with more small twiggy bits. I think that might actually be a good thing when it comes to spreading it on the beds. Anyhow, from a wheelbarrow full of compost I got about two thirds of a dustbin of sieved compost and a third of coarser material that I’ll probably just throw in with the rest when I spread it on the beds later this year.

I also planted out some of my “emergency kale” that I re-sowed after the butterflies got to my first batch. I don’t know if I’ll actually need it, but at least this lot looks healthy and is under mesh.

What’s the plural of chrysalis? Anyhow, I found four more of them on the basil in the greenhouse, so evicted them although obviously the damage is already done. We’ve already harvested a lot of leaves and frozen them, but I’m tempted to try taking cuttings from the existing plants and keeping them indoors over the winter to see if they’ll survive. Apparently they’ll root from the stems quite easily in a container of water, at which point they can be potted on.

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