Swimming, 16th July 2021

I wrote that yesterday’s session felt quite good though I had no concrete way to judge as my stopwatch, err, stopped. Permanently. Fortunately I have a spare (a spare spare in fact, as my son was using my first spare) so was able to use that today.

How little I realised yesterday. Of my 50m reps I had a couple of 42s and one of 43s when I had to avoid another slower swimmer at the turn, but sixteen of the remaining reps were 41s and the last was 39s — the first time I’ve ever been lower than 40s when I’ve done this set.

My reps in my 25m set were still all in the 18s which was a bit disappointing by comparison, but given my earlier performance perhaps that’s to be expected. I’m certainly not at all unhappy. Quite the opposite in fact. Overall it’s my best performance ever.

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