Swimming, 13th July 2021

The fast lane got a bit hairy today. When we arrived there was already a dad and his two daughters using it, occasionally his son too, the two of us and another lady who arrived a few minutes late. The girls weren’t slow, but they were probably only around ten or eleven years old and often swapped strokes which made them a bit unpredictable and I worried about hitting one of them at the turns.

Despite that my performance was considerably better than many of my recent sessions with most of my 50m reps being 43s, one 42s and two 44s. The slower ones were generally when I had to do an open turn because I wasn’t sure who was where on the wall. The 25m reps were all below 19s and mostly in the low 18s. I can be happy with that for now. Knowing I can do more faster reps I’d like to get back there though.

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