Swimming, 29th June 2021

It was a bit of a scrappy session today. Two of us in the fast lane were quite capable of swimming lengths around the twenty second mark, but we were sharing the lane with three others who were around ten seconds slower which makes timing awkward. I did the best I could and found that actually the best I could was much better than I expected, swimming quite a few 42s 50m reps with all the others 43s except for one 44s when I got caught up with other swimmers at the turn. It was hard work though 🙂

Then with the 25m reps I swam two below 18s for the first time ever, and I had another two at 18.06s, so only fingertips short of four sub 18s really. I was very pleased with that. Tomorrow is a rest day, then hopefully I can do something similar on Thursday.

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