Swimming, 27th April 2021

It was a bit of a chaotic trip to the pool today. I got halfway to the pool to find the road closed. No warnings or diversion signs or anything helpful like that beforehand 🙁 So, I had to turn around and drive about three miles back the way I’d come and then go through all the windy country backroads instead and was a couple of minutes late for the start of the session and not really in the right frame of mind. (It wasn’t closed on the way back — looks like they’d just decided to close it for half an hour whilst they made a fairly poor job of patching up some potholes.)

I didn’t have as many 50m reps below 47 seconds today as I did yesterday, but every single one was below 48 seconds and the 25m reps I did at the end were all nineteen point something, even getting close to dropping into the eighteens at one point. Overall I was happy with the consistency of performance. Day off tomorrow, then I’ll be back on Thursday and drop the interval down to 90 seconds.

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