Swimming, 17th May 2021

I seem to be struggling to get the hang of Mondays 🙂

Same set as last week — 20 x 50m on an 85s interval, recovery and then as many 25m reps as I can manage in the time left, on a 60s interval. My target time for 50m is really anything 45s or under though I’ll accept 46s, and for 25m I really want to be in the 18s, but I’m not stressing (yet) about 19s. This does mean my rest interval is somewhat longer than I’d like in both cases, but I’m working on reducing it, and let’s face it, the last year has not been great for training.

My 50s today were a struggle and I just couldn’t get below 45s, with one 46s rep. Not as good as Friday by a long chalk, but not as bad as last Monday either.

The 25s were better. I managed ten in the available time and all but two were 18s, the others being 19s.

Let’s hope for better tomorrow.

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