No dig diary, 9th May 2021

Today I sowed climbing beans (Cobra and Borlotto Lingua di Fuoco) and runner beans (Czar), the first to eat fresh and the latter two to pod and use over the winter.

I also emptied out three of the pots containing courgette seeds that hadn’t germinated and of the six seed in them, five showed no signs of life at all whilst the sixth felt as though it had rotted inside. Not a great success this year. Fortunately I think we’ll still have enough plants to provide us with courgettes for the summer.

I was hoping to get far more done than I did. Other than sowing beans, I planted out the rest of the loofah gourds, cucumbers and the aubergines, some in the polytunnel and some in the greenhouse. I also went on a bindweed hunt and removed three or four shoots that I found in the polytunnel. I did nothing significant outside though. That was mostly because this afternoon it has been quite windy and rainy and no fun being out in it at all. Instead I drew up a map of the plot so I can plan where to put everything — I’ve delayed so many plants for so long because of the weather that the situation is starting to become a little overwhelming and I need a clear idea of what I need to do, otherwise I stand in the greenhouse door, see the carpet of green covering the staging and my brain melts 🙁 I need to cut it all down into manageable pieces.

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