No dig diary, 18th March 2021

Back to the compost heap today, and into the second bin with a view to getting as much of the remaining area covered by compost as possible. The compost from this bin was noticeably darker than that from the first. I’d guess that perhaps I got a better mix of “green” and “brown” material, enabling it to reach a higher temperature and keep the raised temperature for longer. It was also packed with worms, which I take to be a good sign. There were worms in the first bin, but nowhere near the same kind of numbers.

After quite a few wheelbarrow loads, I now have all but one half-bed of plot done. The remaining area is where the purple sprouting broccoli is growing. I know I could attempt to spread compost around the base of the plants, but it’s very lumpy thanks to being so wet and as a result not easy to “place” where I want it. I’ll just wait until the PSB is finished and do it then. I can leave that part of the bed to use last so the compost has time to settle.

I also did a bit of weeding in the existing beds. There are a lot of sycamore seedlings sprouting where the seeds fell on the compost in the late autumn/early winter and it looks as though a few grass and groundsel seeds have also blown in.

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