Veg plot 2021: More compost spreading

I thought I’d take advantage of this morning’s sunshine to shift a bit more compost around to the veggie plot and spread it on the beds for next year. I got a little sidetracked by other jobs that had to be done, but managed to move another three trailer loads in the end, which is probably a little more than is required to cover another two half-beds. I got it spread out on one, but ran out of time and light to finish off the other. That will hopefully be a short job tomorrow though.

Once that is done I should have two beds completely covered and four more “halves” also done, leaving one complete bed and four more halves to do as they become free. If I work around some of the remaining cabbages I could probably do another half bed now, but I might see if I can get more of the polytunnel done first and then look at what compost is left (if any) after that so I can decide if I need to order another load (almost certainly, I reckon).

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