Could be time for another greenhouse

My current greenhouse is a 12’x8′ aluminium frame on top of a single block high dwarf wall all on a concrete pad. The wall gives it a bit more height, which makes it more comfortable to work in, and the concrete base is helpful because it’s flat and level making a good base for pots, trays and staging.

What it’s not always great for though is growing plants through the season because they have to be in pots or tubs which means watering can be inconsistent and they may not have access to all the nutrients necessary.

Some time back I acquired another greenhouse frame (so long ago I can’t even remember what size it is at the moment) and I think perhaps the time has come to set that up purely for growing plants and keeping the other for propagation and the sort of thing I’m doing now with winter salads. I’m thinking I might stand it on something like railway sleepers (or fake ones) to gain a little more height and then go “full no dig” on the inside, laying sheets of cardboard and covering over the top with compost.

First I need to find all the bits of the frame and make up some of it so I can find out what size it is. Then I can look at prices for the requisite number of sleepers and decide if perhaps I wouldn’t prefer to find something less expensive 🙂

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