Swimming, 11th December 2020

I skipped Thursday as I wasn’t feeling great at all and as I didn’t really know how things were going to go I stuck with the same session plan as earlier in the week. It all went pretty well really. Most of my times for the 50s were between 47s and 49s (I think I only had one that was outside 48s) and the 25s were pretty much the same as they have been over the last few days.

There was some minor aggravation with a couple of the other swimmers though, one of whom tried to swim me into the oncoming lane when I overtook him (not that I was intending to, but sometimes it’s not always obvious that there’s someone else there). The other was clearly quite apprehensive about the risk of infection and freaked out a bit when she felt I got too close to her at the end of the lane (again, I wasn’t even aware she was there and I was busy trying to get out of someone else’s way). A few lengths later I tapped her foot (again unintentionally) as I caught up with her mid-length and she just got straight out of the pool and went to complain to the lifeguard. It’s a problem really, when the speed differentials are quite large. I’m not sure what a reasonable solution is.

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