Swimming, 2nd November 2020

Well, the impending lockdown seems to have brought out all the people who haven’t been swimming since the last one ended. I think there were more people at the pool for my session today than I’ve seen since the day it reopened, and five (including me) were in my lane!

Given the number of people in the lane it was quite tricky to do my set on the correct interval so I had to largely abandon plans and just do the best I could. That meant skipping one or two and delaying swimming until there was enough space that I wouldn’t swim over a slower swimmer in front, or I was far enough ahead that I wouldn’t get in the way of the swimmer who was faster than me.

Not very satisfactory in the end, but I did 50m reps at my expected pace for about thirty minutes, then had a rest and finished off the session doing 25m reps.

Hopefully it will be a bit better tomorrow and Wednesday, which will be my last session before the pool closes for lockdown on Thursday.

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