Grow your own loofah

It’s probably been thirty years since I last saw a loofah. Perhaps they’ve fallen out of fashion a bit. Today however I discovered that it is possible to grow your own. (I have to admit that I hadn’t really internalised that they were a plant in the first place!)

Knowing that such a thing is possible put the idea into my head that it might be worth seeing if we can replace some of our sponges and similar cleaning implements with loofahs, thereby removing another source of waste plastic. And of course at the end of their useful life the loofahs could just go on the compost heap.

A quick hunt found me a source of seeds, so I’m going to add them to my list of things to try to grow next year. Definitely a polytunnel plant I think. Possibly even one for the greenhouse, though it sounds like they get fairly big so the greater space in the polytunnel might be preferable.

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