Veg plot 2020, #33

Spent most of the day in the veggie plot today. Had a clean-up in the greenhouse and put some stuff we won’t need until next year in the shed whilst my daughter picked all the chiles off one of the plants I’d kept in the greenhouse. That particular plant was right next to the windows I had to repair yesterday and I think the sudden exposure to wet and cold caused it to keel over. I also found a forgotten pair of coriander plants that had run to seed, so I picked off the seeds before the rest went into the compost.

After that we cleaned up all the remaining onions that have been in the polytunnel drying off and returned them to the polytunnel to dry off further.

As it’s forecast to be less sunny tomorrow I’ll spend some time in the greenhouse sowing seeds, so I’ve also sieved some compost to use — a bit of a slog as the compost was very wet from being outdoors despite being bagged up. It feels a bit odd that despite only being the end of August, tomorrow should be the first day of my 2021 veggie growing season.

Oh, my father-in-law was mowing, so a hefty trailer load of clippings went into the compost as well, mixed with a load of brown cardboard saved for the purpose from deliveries, and some chicken manure from cleaning out the chicken houses. The second compost bin is actually looking pretty full now. I’d guess we’re only about a foot from the top. I’m expecting it to sink a fair bit over the next few weeks though.

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