Veg plot 2020, #14

[11th July]

We had a bit of family afternoon weeding and generally sorting stuff out in the veg plot today. Fed some lettuce that had run to seed to the chickens, pulled some beetroot that my wife is going to make into soup tomorrow, erected more partridge defences around the peas…

My daughter discovered the delights of freshly-picked peas. The first ones are not quite ready yet — they perhaps need a week more just to fatten up a little, but she popped a few of the fatter pods anyhow. Oh. My. God. Fresh peas, barely fifteen seconds between plant and taste buds. Is there anything in this world that tastes better? So juicy. So sweet. You just can’t buy that. It’s quite possible I’ll have to plant an awful lot more in the future as otherwise I don’t see very many of them making it as far as the kitchen.

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