Veg plot 2020, #13

[6th July]

My wife came in from the garden today and brought me these little bursts of sweetness:

Alpine strawberries. Tiny little things, but so tasty…

I did a bit of weeding and caterpillar squishing in the brassicas this evening and found a few other things to look forward to. We have broccoli on the way.

And a few beans, though they’re not even 10cm long yet.

Inside the polytunnel there are butternut squashes clearly taking shape.

And some of the chiles are looking pretty good

Flowers on the bell peppers are within hours of opening, too.

More weeding is required in both the brassica and legume beds and the peas need more supports to climb so I’ll have to try to get that done this week. I took a third picking off the courgettes before they got too big, so we’ll have those later in the week. Need to sow a few more radishes and spring onions too, I think.

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