Swimming, August 3rd 2020 — they think it’s safe to go back in the water

I swam for the first time since March 20th this afternoon. It was very well organised, though we did have to queue outside the centre — fine if it is sunny like today, but I can’t see that being popular if it gets wet and/or cold. I’d booked a place in the medium speed lane, but as it wasn’t too busy (about fifteen people there in three double-width lanes with a maximum allowed of ten per lane I think) I decided to use the fast lane when I saw people I know are significantly slower than me getting into the medium lane.

As chance would have it, I arrived in the car park immediately after one of the swimmers from the swimming club and his dad (neither of whom had been in a pool since lockdown started either) and we shared the fast lane. At first maintaining a relaxed rate of breathing was quite tricky and I swam the first dozen lengths (front crawl) breathing every other stroke after which I got a bit more settled and dropped back to alternating sides. My tumble turns weren’t too sharp either. I ended up inhaling water quite a few times on the turn 🙁

I’ve no idea how many lengths we did, but at the end both the dad and I found ourselves unable to boost ourselves out of the pool at the deep end to get out and we had the ignominy of having to swim to the steps to climb out 😀

I ache now. Particularly my lats, traps and lower triceps. It could be a bit painful later. So obviously I shall be going back to do it all again tomorrow 😀

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