Swimming, 25th August 2020

It was crazy in the pool today. I arrived at the sports centre, probably five minutes before they start letting people in, and there was already a queue of about a dozen people! By the time we got in the pool and a few stragglers had arrived all the lanes were quite busy. Lane discipline is getting a bit better now though and I managed not to swim over anyone today. There was one occasion when I ended up alongside someone overtaking them as they were already alongside someone else who they were overtaking. Not ideal, but much safer than it has been, at least.

Most of my early 50s were around 48 or 49 seconds which was very pleasing and quite unexpected. I even dropped down to 47s occasionally. After two dozen reps though I could really feel the tiredness in my arms (and still can almost six hours later!) Still, I got to the end of the session and then had to have a bit of a rest before I could get out of the pool 😀

So, Thursday must see things get more difficult yet again. I am genuinely surprised by how it has gone so far, I have to admit. I was expecting to have reached the point where I just couldn’t start the next rep at some point by now.

There was excitement on the way home, too. During the time I’d been at the pool a tree had fallen across the road, completely blocking it. I had to find another route and arrived home with only one minute to spare before a conference call I had to be on. Given how wet the ground is now and that trees are still in full leaf I’d not be surprised if there were quite a few falling today.

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