Swimming, 21st August 2020

It was busy at the pool today. Probably more than I’ve seen it since the first day they were allowed to open. Every lane was at least half full. Despite that the fast lane was working pretty well and I only almost squashed someone twice. Repeating yesterday’s session was physically tough and I was certainly struggling at the end, but possibly mentally easier knowing that I’d already done it once. Anyhow, got through it, just. Perhaps the steroids helped 😀 (The doctor reckons I may have rhinitis, as a result of which I’m on a steroid spray for the next week or so to see if that clears it up.)

So next week will start with another five seconds off the rest interval. I’m already expecting pain 🙂 Judging by how warm I feel and my unsettled sleep patterns my body is working quite hard to adjust to the new regime, which can only be good.

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