Swimming, 20th August 2020

Right, off to the pool this lunchtime, bang out thirty reps of 50m at the same pace as earlier in the week, but five seconds less for the rest interval. Easy peasy!

Err, no 😀

The first fifteen weren’t too bad at all. After that it got a bit hard. By twenty it was quite tough and by twenty-five I was really fighting to keep going and dropping down to 51s or 52s per 50m. I did manage it though, even if I sneaked the last one in whilst everyone else was getting out of the pool and then couldn’t get out myself because I was too tired 🙂

So overall I am quite pleased, but I think it’s going to be tough to do it again tomorrow.

There was almost no-one at the pool today, either. At most six, I think. I shared the fast lane with a boy in his mid-teens who was perhaps a couple of seconds slower per 50m than me. But he didn’t stop at all. Keeps you in your place…

I did get some bad news whilst I was there. My favourite life guard is leaving tomorrow. She’s been there three or four years including being full time since last summer so has been around a fair bit when I’ve been swimming or coaching, but mostly she’s my favourite because I’ve never seen her not smiling. She’s off to university in the next few weeks however, so won’t be working there any more.

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