Swimming, 1st September 2020

Off to the pool today having skipped yesterday thanks to the bank holiday. After the success of last week I knocked another five seconds off my interval time, so I was starting a new rep every 1’25s. By a dozen reps in this was noticeably harder than anything before and I couldn’t completely recover my breath before starting the next rep. I made it through another dozen ok, but after that it all got a bit ugly, technique started to fall apart a bit and my times were pushing out to 52 or even 53s for some of the reps. I did however make it through to the end of the session, though quite how I managed that without drowning I’m not really sure.

I had to allow myself a little grin when one of the other swimmers who looked at least ten, perhaps fifteen years younger than me appeared to take exception to the fact that I’d caught him (quite comfortably really — he had between five and ten seconds head start) and overtook him on the turn, and not for the first time. He obviously decided to cane it down the second length, keeping alongside me and then fell gasping against the wall at the shallow end. I can’t claim to have been in the best of shapes either at that point, but he was still desperately sucking in air when I left for my next rep 😀

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