No dig polytunnel #1

Yesterday we began work on converting the polytunnel to “no dig”. It’s a little tricky at the moment as there are still plants in some of the beds, but fortunately they’re all on one side of the tunnel and the beds on the other side are all empty.

The first job therefore was to remove all the rotting wooden sides on those beds and remove the soil we didn’t need after leveling everything out.

Sadly darkness overtook us before we could get much further, though we did also manage to remove the bed on the other side where I stood to take the above photo, which meant a table we had in the corner opposite could be moved there. It’s actually the darkest corner of the tunnel so it makes sense to have it in its new position, leaving the lighter corner for plants.

The next step is to get some compost in to make the bed down the right hand side in the photo. Possibly the plants that I want to stay in the tunnel for the foreseeable future can be transplanted into that and once the peppers have exhausted themselves for the year I’ll remove them and pot some up in the greenhouse to overwinter which will leave the beds on the left empty and ready for removal.

I also have some lettuce seedlings that really need to go out in the polytunnel as well. Perhaps that can be done this coming weekend.

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