Veg plot 2021: The compost arrives

I ordered this last week because I wasn’t 100% sure what I’d get and I wanted time to think things over depending on what turned up. As it happens I’m quite pleased. I didn’t get my full order of six tonnes because they could only fit 5.8 tonnes on the truck. The driver told me I’d ordered at a good time because the compost was relatively dry. Apparently many people order during the winter and actually get less compost for their money because it’s holding more moisture at that time of year. This is what turned up:

First impressions are that it’s very clean, black, and surprisingly still slightly warm. It looks very good. Better, if I’m honest, than the compost we make in our own bins. I had it tipped on top of a tarpaulin and I’ve covered it over with a couple more so it can sit there for the next few months until I need it and not get covered in weed seeds and suchlike.

I shouldn’t need so much next year, but I’m already tempted to order a full load again so I can spread a fair bit on the flower beds. And in fact if I have too much I can always just stack it up somewhere out of the way, cover it over and use it as needed.

So, next I need to think about planning the planting whilst avoiding losing track of things this year…

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