Robert Brown Focuser Controller build, step by step #12

I have some 24AWG cat5 patch cables that are no use to me any more, partly because they’re not good enough for gigabit ethernet and partly because they’re not assembled very well (they were supplied with Sun Microsystems kit, too; you’d think at the prices they used to charge they could afford to supply decent patch cables). I’ve chopped a length of about a metre out of one and soldered that into a DB9 plug. Looking at the tables for stranded 24AWG a single conductor should be good for 1.4A, but obviously the other wires and insulation in the sheath will lower that. I think it should at least be ok for testing whilst I find something else with larger conductors. I can’t tell what size the wires are on the motor body. No larger than 22AWG I’d say. Certainly not as big as 20AWG. Obviously they’re in free air though.

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