Robert Brown Focuser Controller build, step by step #11

Finished the lid. No photos yet, but I’ve run some of the tests. The LEDs and pushbuttons appear to work fine, though the buzzer doesn’t. I wasn’t entirely happy about my connector for the buzzer though, so I may need to remake that.

Next I need to connect 12V power and rig up the motors to test them. There’s a bit more work involved there though as I’ve decided to move away from using 5.5/2.1mm power connector plugs and switch to two pin GX12 connectors. I don’t have anything with a GX12 plug on at my desk though, so I shall see if I have enough bits to make an inline 5.5/2.1mm socket to GX12 converter in which case I can just power it from a standard 12V wall-wart.

Then I need to find some suitable four-way cable to connect up the motors. I’d forgotten about this, I have to admit. I suspect cat5e might actually be sufficient. I think it should be good for an amp per conductor and the motors aren’t rated that high if I recall correctly. The only problem is that it’s so awkward to work with for soldering.

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