Darkstar restoration, part 2

The new world in which we find ourselves has brought other priorities to the fore over the last few months, but now things seem to be settling down a little, at least for a while, it’s time to get back to spending some time writing…

Back at the tail end of February I was starting to fix up my Darkstar 12″ dobsonian and the next step was to replace the focuser. I had a couple of choices, but the first step was to remove the old one and see what things looked like underneath. As it turned out, the mounting plate appeared to have been sealed using blutak or something similar.

The hole appeared to be just over 50mm in diameter, so probably actually two inches. Whichever focuser I upgraded to needed a hole of at least 60mm and preferably closer to 65mm, so the next step was to find a holesaw of a suitable size.

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