NEQ6 guiding failure after meridian flip

I’m using Kstars/Ekos to control my mounts and in theory it’s possible to set things up so the mount will automagically meridian flip if the hour angle increases beyond a certain value.

Having seen it in action it does look quite neat: the current exposure is completed, the mount flips, plate solves, makes any corrections and continues imaging.

Unfortunately in my case the guiding after the flip is beyond awful. I’d be better off not guiding at all. If I stop the imaging run and recalibrate guiding however, it then goes back to guiding quite happily at < 1" RMS. It occurred to me that sometimes when I plate solve immediately after a mount move, I get badly trailing stars in the image, but not in any subsequent images, and that perhaps these two issues are linked. I'm wondering at the moment if it points to a balance (which I doubt, as I think the balance is pretty good) or backlash/worm end float issue. More investigation required...

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