M27 revisited

Whilst messing about with aligning my other mounts I decided I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a bit of imaging done with the first, despite not having spend any time improving the sky model, nor having any guiding, or dew heaters, or …

M27 has always been a favourite, so I slewed over to it, plate-solved and slewed to it again (seems like it must have moved) and started capturing a few short subs. I hadn’t done very many before discovering that the camera I was planning to use for the next alignment wasn’t working and I’d need to use the one I was imaging with so had to stop.

Nevertheless, I stacked what I was left with, it being my first DSO image in quite some years, and here’s what I got:

Nothing special. Needs more and longer subs, but I’m happy enough to get a clearly-identifiable image at this point.

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