Building an observatory. Construction #78

After a month away from construction because of holidays and other stuff going on, this weekend I spent some time working on the power for the piers.

Photos to follow, but each pier now has an IP66-rated cabinet attached (which is probably no longer IP66 as I’ve cut holes in them, but I really only need them to keep dew off the kit inside so that’s hardly a major issue: it’s not as though I’m going to be hosing them down or leaving the roof open in the pouring rain). Inside the cabinet is a double socket and a 12V supply to go to the mount. Once I have the observatory connected up to the electricity supply I’ll be putting a small form factor PC inside as well.

The entire process took somewhat longer than expected whilst I worked out exactly how I was going to have things work, but once the first one was done the next two were considerably quicker.

I also have all the sockets in place in the warm room (eight doubles!) and three double sockets in IP66 housings on the walls of the scope room.

Jobs remaining for the electrics are to install the consumer unit and connect the entire thing up to the mains supply. I also need a couple of sockets to supply the lighting. My intention is to have a separate ring for those that can have a 5A MCB.

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