Swimming, 30th May 2019

A more interesting day today, as whilst I was warming up someone who used to be a member of the club appeared on poolside and asked if she could join me and do my set (there was only one lane set out and I was the only one in it, so not an unreasonable call). She’s not swum much for the last six months and as it turned out we were reasonably well-matched in terms of speed over the set. I’d been hitting around 47s for most of the reps and before the last one she said “Push hard and go 46s on this one.” So I did, and touched the wall on 43s plus a few tenths, which I think is the fastest I’ve ever done a rep whilst swimming this set, regardless of target/turnaround time.

Two reps missed again, on thirteen and twenty.

USRPT distance this year: 132,400m
Total distance this year: 134,950m

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