Swimming, 18th June 2019

Same set as yesterday, and again I wasn’t feeling too sharp. This time because I’d been up quite late ferrying my son between post-GCSE parties. Again I can’t complain. He’s worked very hard over the last six weeks of exams.

When I arrived at the pool there were two lanes with one swimmer in each. I opted for the one with the “fast lane” sign and the life guard very kindly wandered up the pool to suggest to the other swimmer that she might move into the other lane because someone much quicker was swimming. Apparently she answered “Are you sure?” Even for my warm-up I was doing two lengths to every one of hers. I think he was sure 🙂

And then during my warm-up another lady turned up and said she was going to join my lane. I didn’t recognise her and she didn’t exactly look as though she was going to be pounding out the lengths at speed, so I pointed out that it was signed “fast lane” and politely suggested that she might be better off in the other one. “But that’s not fair! There are two swimmers in there already!” She did eventually agree to use the other lane, somewhat indignantly, and actually was much the same pace as the others.

Anyhow, the set itself went pretty well, but for what might be described as a “lack of control” on my part. Despite the 49.5s target, most of the reps I did were faster than 48s. Eventually however I messed up on rep twenty-one when I turned my head to breathe for the last time before the turn and got a mouthful of water from someone’s breaststroke bow wave. Finishing off the set after that failure wasn’t exactly a problem though.

USRPT distance this year: 149,800m
Total distance this year: 154,150m

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