Building an observatory. Construction #76

Whilst I was fossicking around in the workshop this week I came across about 15m of armoured cable that looked entirely suitable for running the power from the beer shack (which will have power connected from the house) to the observatory.

I therefore spent some time this weekend digging a trench between the two so I could bury the cable. Fortunately Amazon were able to supply some warning tape to lay close to the top of the trench at short notice.

Whilst doing that it made sense to run networking between the two buildings as well (the observatory can be connected into a switch in the beer shack, once I get that far), so I found some old 43mm waste water pipe and a couple of elbows to use as ducting and ran it from the warm room floor down into the trench and then back up the outside wall of the beer shack, into the roof void pulling the network cables through as I assembled each piece to avoid needing a drawstring. From there I can drop the cables down to a switch wherever might be convenient.

With the ducting and cabling in place, I had to make some additional holes in the warm room floor to accommodate it, but I’d always planned to do that and made those sections of the floor removable to allow for it so that worked out quite easily. Whilst doing this it occurred to me that I could fairly easily physically separate the network and power cables in the warm room if I ran the network cables close to the floor, so I’ll do that when it comes to it.

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