Building an observatory. Construction #67

Like yesterday, not a huge amount of progress today — spent much of the day mowing grass and visiting some of my bees at a local farm.

I did however manage to get the final piece of cladding onto the last pier (woohoo!), completed the scope room cupboard and had a sweep up. Probably need to get the vacuum cleaner in to get rid of the last of the dust.

So, now I can order the flooring. I can’t decide whether it’s worth sealing the ply with a coat of varnish before I lay the floor tiles. I don’t think it should slow things down much (if at all) as even if I order the tiles tonight I don’t think I’ll be in a position to fit them until the weekend. Need to have a quick scan through my list of things to do to make sure there’s nothing else I absolutely must do before the floor goes down, too.

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