Building an observatory. Construction #63

Circumstances have dictated that I shift some stuff out of the workshop and the house, so my first job today was to cut down the piece of worktop that I’ve been saving for a desk and get that fitted. It’s just resting in place at the moment as it will need some cut-outs making when I get the electrics done.

A NEQ6 has also made its way down from the house even though I have no suitable bolts to attach it to a pier yet.

I then took the circular saw to my son’s old wardrobe to make it shorter and less deep and install that in the warm room. The plan is to have drawers on the left hand side (I have a number of drawers saved from some other furniture) and shelving on the right. I may well remove the left hand door.

Of course I still have some sort of floor covering to put in the warm room, but for the moment I just had to get this out of the house and I can’t put it in the workshop because we need to empty stuff out of the workshop to get access to fix the electrics — at the moment I’m dragging a 30m extension lead around with me to whichever power tool I want to use next, which is really not desirable.

In the same vein I have a plan for this week to cut down another old wardrobe currently in the workshop and turn it into a cupboard to go in a corner of the scope room. It’s irritating that things have worked out this way, but such is life. It won’t be too hard to work around when I come to sorting the flooring as long as I don’t start filling it up with stuff 🙂

I also refitted the aluminium section in the warm room ceiling today, so I can get on with making up the lighting this week. Because it involves cutting the strip and rejoining it with right angle connectors I’m going to make it up on the kitchen table when no-one is looking and test it all out before fitting it.

And the last thing I’m going to attempt to make progress with this week is cladding the other piers.

There are a few hours of clear sky forecast this week. I’m hoping that one way or another I can get a mount and telescope fixed up to use, even if it’s just temporary.

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