Swimming, 21st February 2019

By contrast with earlier in the week, today I was the only person in the pool when I started swimming, though two or three others did turn up during the course of my session. Odd that it should be so different today. I’ve no idea why.

Anyhow, back to the same session again. I must have slept awkwardly and woke up with some strange irritation of a muscle in my back that was uncomfortable when I was warming up, but once I got going I completely forgot about it. This time I managed a much stronger performance than the last one, completing thirteen reps before my first failure, then failing for a second time at twenty and going on to complete the set. I was very pleased with this, and actually it felt far less of a struggle than earlier in the week.

Hopefully this bodes well for future attempts at the set and I can improve again next time.

USRPT distance this year: 48,300m
Total distance this year: 50,100m

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