Building an observatory. Construction #42

I’ve now put together my list of things that need to be done to keep the project moving forward. This is not an exhaustive list, but should get me a fair bit further on. In fact, it’s two lists. The first contains things I can do now without buying more materials (good, because I need to get things cleared out of the workshop before it becomes unusable), and the second contains the rest.

List one:

  • Complete the cladding at the tops of the walls where a full width piece is too tall
  • Complete the cladding on the gables
  • Make some adjustments to the fit of the southern gable flap
  • Fix the flap in place
  • Seal the runners so rain can’t be driven in along them
  • Finish off the access panel in the warm room floor around the cable ducts
  • Lower the internal window (I’ve decide it’s too high)
  • Finish putting the blocks together for the piers
  • Add trim on the corners to finish off the cladding there
  • Fit the internal window
  • Fix down the EPDM on the rolling roof
  • Trim the EPDM on the warm room roof

List two:

  • Add posts to support the ends of the roll-off rails
  • Clad the internal walls, warm room ceiling and piers with ply
  • Insulate the warm room
  • Fit an external door liner
  • Construct and fit the external door
  • Fit stops on the roll-off rails
  • Fit an internal door liner
  • Construct and fit the internal door
  • Lay floor tiles in the scope room
  • Put some sort of floor covering in the warm room (as yet undecided)

This gives me a fair bit to focus on over the next few weeks. Unfortunately there are other things that need to be done with my time, but at least the evenings are starting to get light now, so I may find time then.

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