Swimming, 25th January 2019

As promised, a repeat of yesterday’s set today. Well, almost a repeat. A repeat with colder water 🙁 More of that in another post, perhaps…

I had two targets today. The first was to manage more than six lengths before my first failure. The second was to reach at least twenty reps — that is, either reach the end of the set or not fail for a third time (at which point I’d stop anyhow) until at least rep twenty-one.

Things went well to start with and I didn’t actually fail for the first time until rep eleven, when I just couldn’t leave the wall because my breathing was still so ragged. After that I managed to get to sixteen and then again just couldn’t get my breathing under control soon enough to start number seventeen. From there on I managed to make it to the end of the set, though I’d have to admit to being quite ragged over the last two.

Here’s hoping that next time I can make over halfway before the first failure.

USRPT distance this year: 25,950m
Total distance this year: 25,950m

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